Pure-Wave CM7 Reviews & Buying Guide

Review Summary

There is nothing better than having your own personal masseur at hand which you could reach at any time and that is what  Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager is and is the most convenient to have around to relieve you of any little niggling pain that you would encounter.

Having a Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager is sure to keep you away from all those unpleasantness when you come back home after a hard day at work and if it is a little pressure that you would need to feel comfortable and back to your usual self then it is this that you need to have.

Usability 98%
Pain Relief Effect 97%
Features 98%
Lightweight 99%
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Pure Wave CM7 Reviews – There is nothing comparable to the Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager and at a very attractive price to it is just incredible value for money and nothing short of that.

It just has to be your favorite companion wherever you may go be it on a tiresome work related sojourn, a trip with family and friends or just relaxing on your favorite sofa watching the evening soaps of television.

The Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager is a must have and only when you have one with you would you realize the importance it is to you especially with those regular aches and pains.

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Pure Wave CM7 Reviews Overview


  • A much-needed travel companion who would fit into your backpack or other travel bag and is just what you would need whilst on a holiday too, as you could get those tired legs and body rejuvenated after a long day in an aircraft or just walking around seeing the sights.
  • The accompanied approved charger would allow you to charge the Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager and once you do it would be ready for use anywhere and is just what you would love to have with you to give your body a much-needed massage, to relieve those aches and pains.
  • The micro-vibration assisted attachment would be just what you would need to gently and softly massage the face, head and jaws giving you a relaxation which even a masseur may not be able to provide.
  • The dual action Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager is special and unique to it and has been the features that have kept it in the forefront of all other massagers available in the market.


  • There could be some difficulty with the motors and they could pack up and some have but if the warranty is still valid the company would either have t repaired or even replaced.
  • The warranty f extended for such a fine product would be appreciated by most customers as per the reviews but overall t is generally a good buy and is value for money.
  • Like any product which is for personal use the performance of the product would depend on how it is used and how it would be kept aside after use hence taking care of your Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager is very important.


The Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager is a tried and tested product and would give you the pleasure of mind and treasure to self and one that should always be at your beck and call.

It is only then that you would realize what it could do to your health mentally and physically because it is just an exemplary piece of equipment that everyone should carry with them wherever they would be going.

Massaging has been a technique practiced even in ancient times and if you could visit the Tomb of Akmanthor, popularly called the “Tomb of the Physician”, located in Saqqara, Egypt you could see two men being massaged in the hands and feet and this depicts something that happened around 2330 BC.

This shows that massaging has been practiced for more than 4000 years and is very much an integral part of being rejuvenated, and or as a form of relaxation, which is practiced in the present day and will be done even in the future.

It is not only in Egypt but many forms of massaging were practiced in India, China, Japan, Korea, Rome, Greece and even the Mesopotamian civilizations and is still very much a part of the world’s recuperating medical practices.

Physiotherapy involves many types of massaging in the affected areas which done regularly helps muscle rejuvenation and also for other orthopedic applications.

Massaging is the gentle art of applying pressure at vital points on the body especially by another with subtle hands and fingers which increases blood circulation and loosening of muscle tissues.

A massage could be quite an expensive treatment as the art form associated with it especially when ancient practices are involved could be on the higher standards and could be quite elaborate too.

Many auxiliary practices have been incorporated into each type of massaging which has been what has made each of these unique in their own ways.

The more artistic the massage the more expensive it is and when different applications like herbal oils and other unique additions are made the massage could be quite dear and beyond the reach of the common man.

The massaging business has grown to unprecedented limits with the tourist sector of most of the countries with an influx of health seeking tourist wanting to experience exotic massages which have brought this industry all over the world as a very big money spinner if it is executed with finesse and style too.

There is no doubt that massaging provides immense relaxation, could help overcome fatigue, ease tension and pressure and even control diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other such common illnesses.

Many constraints could come in the way of getting a massage every day, but if you could have a massage daily it could provide just what the doctor ordered to anybody’s well being and good health.

For those with busy lifestyles spending time with a professional massage therapist every day would just not be possible and even if one could afford it finding the time to slot in the massage would be a difficult endeavor.

The next best thing to accomplish if you really think a massage is just what you want when you need that well-deserved relaxation is to do it on your own and for that there is just the answer awaiting you and at a very affordable price you could get a massage, in a “Do It Yourself” or DIY exercise and feel as relaxed as if you just walked out through the doors of a professional massage therapist.

In fact, it would be available to you at every minute that you have the time to just take out and massage most parts of your body for that really rejuvenating massage that you just don’t have the time to spare.

Pure Wave CM7 Reviews Summary

The answer lies in a very powerful package and that is the Pure Wave CM7 Reviews Extreme Power Massager which would do whatever you would want it to do, for which you only need to guide it along and touch those sensitive and aching areas of your body and applying the right pressure for that heavenly feeling which you could have at any time and every time you have that small window of opportunity to get yourself rejuvenated.

The Pure Wave CM7 Reviews are not an inanimate appliance for you but a companion and therapist put together and it is just as easy as reaching for it and massaging any part of the body as and when you feel like it.

Getting one for you and keeping it at arm’s length would be an experience that you would relish when you have those odd aches and pains especially when working at a desk, or on the field or even those strenuous chores which could take a heavy toll on anyone’s body.

Equipped with six massage sticks to deliver the right selection and the right pressure the Pure Wave CM7 Review Power Massager is just what you would need to ensure that you get the best out of it.

A separate attachment for each of your areas of the body that you would like massaged and it has the right power to penetrate deep pressure to inner muscles enabling it to be your best therapist to be around when you really need a very good relaxed massage undisturbed and just the way you would want it.

The Pure Wave CM7 Reviews equipped with a powerful 7.2 Volts, Lithium-ion battery, with 2200mA 18650 x 2 Cell which could be charged n a one-hour fast charge which would hold up to 180 minutes of continuous or one wee of around 20 to 30 minutes usage per day.

Weighing a comfortable 1.75 pounds it helps easy movement around the body reaching any place for that much-needed massage that money would not be able to buy and the facial vibration motor revs up to 10,000 RPM, but in very subtle softness to give that smooth massage to rejuvenate the face.

Easing those aches and pains

Aches and pains are sometimes an integral part of our life because the body is pushed to the limits by us wanting it to do certain tasks which it would not refuse but would do so very grudgingly. When a niggling pain occurs the best therapist close at hand would be the Pure Wave CM7 Reviews.

Designed with powerful percussion motorcycles elevating up to an incredible 3,700 RPM this workhorse if you call it has the right punch and gentle caress that you would need to work on your body applying the right pressure to ensure that every muscle touched and soothed back to what you would want it to be.

Equipped with another motor which could operate at 10,000 RPM it is a gentler micro vibration with an adjustable speed dial to combine percussion and vibration simultaneously.

The right amount of pressure it dishes out on both motors is what gives the Pure Wave CM7 Reviews the right impetus to deliver out of this world relaxation for a small handheld massager, which delivers what it was designed and built for.

It is cordless which enables convenient maneuvering in a gentle roll all over the body for that easy pressurized massage which would get you back to your best self again.

Leading professional massage therapists have acknowledged the fact that consistent percussion therapy would relieve muscle knots, spasms, aches, muscle tension and pains and the Pure Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager would provide the best therapy that money can buy.

Pure Wave CM7 Reviews havr an impressive variety of different and multiple attachments which could be used to bring to your hand the real Swedish massage, sports massage and even trigger point therapy to any area of the body beginning from the neck downwards going through the back, legs and feet.

It is an all-purpose massage therapist and would only need the guidance to take you on an ecstatic journey of complete rejuvenation at a fraction of the cost that a massage would cost and could even be better.

The Pure Wave CM7 Reviews designed to perform and with a very sleek and slim design it is as smart as it looks and with an extra-long handle it needs a little practice and you could master every aspect of its specialty performance.

The Pure Wave CM7, Extreme Power Massager would perform at its best when you use it by yourself or with the help of a partner in which case you would be able to exchange some great massaging which would be just what you ever wanted.

The sleek design and long handle provide easy access to all parts of the body enabling the user to make the required movements and enjoy that much-needed pressure on the right places for that most relaxing massage.

The long handle which holds well in the hand is curved appropriately making every sinew reachable and a well-deserved relaxation very possible.

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