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Tyme Iron Reviews Summary

Choosing the correct hair styling product can be a headache as there are multitude of brands offering those products in all kinds of different shapes, colours and sizes. It is really a big deal to wrap your head around a certain product because most hair styling products come with a no return policy. All of these fancy high tech gadgets cost a fortune as well so it is of utmost importance that you choose your product wisely.

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2020 Tyme Iron Review Summary

Performance 97
Features 99
Design 94
Usability 99
Tyme Iron reviews
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What should you consider when buying hair styling products?

Firstly, as any normal human being would do, please check the price so you know how much you are spending on the particular product. Secondly, read out the functions of that product – whether it is a curler, a straightener, a wave iron, so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Then you might need to check on all the technical specifications. You would not want to be in that unfortunate situation where your styling product is not compatible with your household voltage. After all those checks, read up their return policy and the warranty agreement. As most of these electrical products, tend to malfunction over time. If you checked all the above boxes, you should finally check up on other sustainable products to see if you are paying more for the same functions performed by another brand of styling products.

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How to decide the type of iron you need.

Making this decision before buying a hair iron is crucial. You do not want to be tricked in to buying an iron that does not iron your hair properly. So you decide for yourself. Take a good look at your hair and decide whether is straight, wavy or curly. Then decide the volume of hair. If you have pretty thick and curly hair, you will need a good iron that conducts heat very well and works with higher temperatures. However, if your hair is pretty straight and less in volume, you can go for a lower temperature iron.

If you are Asian or African and in most cases would have unruly hair, you need a good iron with high temperatures. However, if you are European or American, a less powerful iron should do. You also should decide the damage levels of your hair – whether it is easily damaged with a high maintenance cost or if it is unbent and unbroken with almost no maintenance at all. Thinking about all of these tiny little things will make you choose the best option available for you so that you do not have to dive deep into the bottomless ocean of hair styling products.

What is a Tyme iron?

TYME iron is crafted using the best available material out there to give you the ultimate hair styling experience. It uses all those expensive and fancy stuff to make the iron of superior quality and durable. Further, the TYME iron has a cutting edge style, which is unique to its brand and sexy to show off to your girlfriends. It could possibly be crowned as the queen of irons owing to its totally sleek and elegant structure.

TYME iron uses gold plated titanium plates to ensure your hair is sleek and nourished and not burned. If you are a person who style your hair on a daily basis, the Tyme iron reviews 2020 is the one for you. It tries to minimize damage as much as possible and maintains a great quality heating element in order to do so. Your hair will never achieve greater perfection than with the TYME iron. If you are willing to sacrifice a little extra cash for the benefit of your hair so that you do not go bald by forty, you must try this styling iron as I find it in great taste.

How hot does the Tyme iron get?

It has a heating capacity up to 400 Fahrenheit which is amazing when it comes to ironing curly or Asian hair or simply any hair with more volume. The gold plated titanium plates diffuses heat evenly and well so that your hair achieves the goal it has to. The gold plates produce a higher negative ionic charge so it is a better conductor of heat than ceramic plates, as it is the case with most irons. The TYME iron heats up pretty quickly so it does not keep busy bodies waiting.

The dual purpose feature is pretty famous with TYME irons as it could both be used as a straightening iron and as a curling iron. Depending on your mood, you could choose from sassy bleach curls to ‘do not mess with me’ straight hair. Plus, it saves all that money you have to spend too buy a separate curler and when travelling, you do not have to carry an entire suitcase full of styling products ass TYME iron is a two in one product and the best at it. the iron can be used for creating a wide variety of hair styles if mastered the delicate art of hair styling. After a while, a party hair-do would be a piece of cake.

As usual it has an on and off switch but does not have an auto turn off so if you use the iron, you definitely need to turn it off if you do not want to set the house on fire. However, I will not say that the price is too high when considering the materials used so that your hair stays happy.

What makes me happy about the TYME iron:

  • Can be used for dual purposes.
  • Fast ironing.
  • High quality.
  • Durable product.
  • Great customer service.
  • Compatible with almost all hair types.
  • Has a very long cord.
  • Easy to use.
  • Handy to carry.
  • Lasting results.

What makes me unhappy about the TYME iron:

  • No auto off function.
  • A tad bit expensive.
  • Presence of a learning curve.
  • Only one temperature setting.


You may hesitate to buy this product if you only look at the price tag but the great materials and the amazing customer service makes it worth the while. People are loving this product as the curls created using this iron are flawless and lasts up to two to three days. Also, it could be used to get a wide range of curls from tight curls to long waves. The straightening is pretty neat and takes up only about five minutes which is great so I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. You try it once, and you sure will not complain again, and since it is durable, you will put off buying hair styling products for a very long time.