How to Pick a Pool Alarm for Your Above Ground Pool

Does everyone like to get dipped in a swimming pool, well who doesn’t? Especially children, they always get excited when they see water. That is why you must have a pool alarm for your above ground pool. Children are more prone to accidents than adults, and we have to keep a right eye on them. But it is not that easy as it sounds. So how about getting a pool alarm for your above ground pool? Since you have already got a pool, it is not very expensive to get a pool alarm for your above ground pool. It is not only the safety of your kids, the safety of your neighbors, friends, and pets. After all, nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones.

Moving onto the question, “how to pick a pool alarm for your above ground pool?” you might wonder about getting the best one for your swimming pool. Here is our article to help you out in the search for a pool alarm to your swimming pool. A pool alarm will alert you when someone touches the surface of the pool. Let us go through the things that we must look to when picking a pool alarm.

Where the alarm is place

It refers to the place where you are going to install your pool alarm. Once you place the pool alarm at the swimming pool, you will be alerted when the little one falls into the swimming pool. You can act immediately in the situation as soon as your child falls into the pool. What happens on many occasions is that the parent becomes busy with the other kids and one might slip away out of sight or the parent will have a call and leave to check on it. It will just only take a few minutes just to lose your attention. But once you have an alarm system, there is nothing to worry.

The price of a pool alarm

The amount of the alarm varies by the type of the pool alarm. Pool alarms are usually a little expensive than other alarms. On the same hand, a pool alarm is still worth the price you pay. You will never regret in choosing the best alarm regardless of the amount you have to pay.

The technology

The technology of a pool alarm depends on its sensors. The advantage of pool alarms is that they can set according to different weight limits. You can choose the weight limit to get alerted when someone falls in.

The features of a pool alarm

There are different sizes and shapes of pool alarms, and they differ in their functions too. As we mentioned above, we can adjust the sensitivity of a pool alarm where it alerts based on the set weight limit. Pool alarms come with a disable button, and some alarms have the feature of turning off automatically when they lifted from the swimming pool.

The above are some things that will add up to making your purchase decision on picking a pool alarm for your above ground pool. Once you have installed your pool alarm, then there is nothing to fear. Hope you will enjoy being out in your swimming pool while the pool alarm is keeping your loved ones safe. You might be wondering where to find a good pool alarm for your home. Here are the best pool alarm that we have picked from the “pool clinics” site.

  • Pool patrol alarm

The pool patrol PA30 is alerted when the child steps into the swimming pool. This alarm is suitable for a 20 × 40 feet swimming pool. It gives you the opportunity to purchase any number of additional alarms off you want to add more for the safety. It floats on the surface of the pool and detects the motion of the waves.

  • Pool guard alarm

The pool guard is an alarm that works with magnetic sensors. The alarm is alerted within 7 seconds when someone enters the pool premises. It prevents someone from falling into the pool since you can act before the accident. The pool alarm gets the power from a 9 – volt battery which is replaceable once a year. The alarm can be installed 6 feet away from the trigger since this alarm comes with a 6-foot adjustable wire

  • Poolguard Buoy

It is a surface alarm that works with subsurface monitoring technology. You can switch to the sleep mode while you are using the swimming pool. The pool alarm gets the power from a 9 – volt battery pack, and you will get alerted when the battery is low. This pool alarm works well with pools which are 16 x 32 feet or ones smaller than that.