August 14, 2020

Makeup Stroage Ikea Malm Tour.

I know you all look a good nosy around someone else’s home (as do I), and after posting a picture to Instagram yesterday, I thought I would show you around my new makeup space. You will probably know that I only unpacked my makeup yesterday having got this room painted a good few weeks ago – I don’t know why it took me so long if I’m honest! I think I wanted to downsize all my limited edition products but I couldn’t face up to the task.

This room is actually my office, where I work all day every day. It’s very white and very bright so photographing things is a dream most of the time. I’m not sure if I will keep my dressing table in here once we finish the bedroom, I think I’ll probably move it in to the bedroom and replace it with a craft desk. I also need to paint and recover that chair, I just can’t decide on fabric – maybe that will be today’s task.

I have the IKEA Malm Dressing Table (£95) which is nice, and very affordable. It isn’t the best quality and the drawer doesn’t come out far enough so I’ve really had to downsize my makeup! I think there is a hack for fix this so maybe I’ll try it. On top of my dressing table I have the MUJI 5 Drawer Box (£24.99) which holds my everyday kind of items and most of my lip products. I’m surprised at how little I have in the way of lip products actually! Maybe I should fix that…

I guess I have a lot of makeup, but I know some will be disappointed I don’t have more. I have enough, anyway! The second layer of dividers hidden away at the back doesn’t contain much, just a few powders etc. as I can’t really reach them so easily. I have a tutorial on my DIY drawer dividers here if you fancy trying it out.

The little IKEA Helmer cabinet next to my desk just holds paperwork, I’m not a huge fan of it – but it’s pretty handy for storing clutter and important stuff I would otherwise lose.

What do you think of my setup so far? Video to come, promise!