August 14, 2020

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle.

As we’re approaching the party season (all year round if you’re me, har harr) I thought I’d review a product that comes in handy for evening events – and it’s not something I would usually pick out and buy myself, I’m typically afraid of any sort of body tinting product! This, however, is good stuff.

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (£37) is a perfecting serum that works instantly to give a super flattering tint to the skin, while also getting in and helping the skin to look its best in the long run too. It’s not actually all that scary – it offers more of a hint of colour, giving legs a lovely glow rather than a tan as such. In short, it ain’t nothin’ like that Rimmel stuff you smeared over yourself before the school disco.

The product has the consistency of a light body cream/gel, making it a dream to apply and blend. I had to hurriedly get ready for a night out recently and did the most slap-dash application ever – but I still didn’t notice any streaks or patchy areas. Therefore, I like to think it’s impossible to mess up.

I tend to use a self-tanning mitt to easily apply this, but I have used my hands and it’s been fine – as long as you wash those paws straight away, that is! You only need a couple of pumps to get a lovely tint to the legs; it’s pretty much like applying leg foundation!

What’s more, there’s no weird tan smell to this and it doesn’t rub off or transfer on to clothes as you wear it, which means it’s a big hit with me. I’m always scared that products like this will wipe away as I’m doing the dance routine to Steps’ greatest hits but so far, so good.

I’m not sure how the long-term benefits hold up as I don’t really use it for that, but I like the idea of the de-puffing properties, as well as the potent antioxidants which are sure to make my legs a little more leggy.

My only qualm with this is the packaging – for something so luxe, I really would have expected it to be in a better quality tube. The plastic casing is cheap and useless… perhaps I got a dodgy one but it falls apart all the time and my pretty white floorboards are stained with product from where it has come apart throughout application. Hopefully they’ll remedy this, or I was just unlucky!

Have you tried this? What were your thoughts?