August 14, 2020
Adding Greenery In To Your Home.

Adding Greenery In To Your Home.

It’s pretty obvious that I love having houseplants, I find they open up a space and create a really serene area. I’ve slowly worked in some beautiful blooms and potted plants to make my home the way I want it.

When I first started introducing plants, I had no idea what to go for and where to buy them – and then there was looking after them! I started small, heading to Asda to pick up some Peace Lillies, which are lovely and super easy to look after. Most plants work best in good light, watered once a week, but you soon get to know your plants and when they’re thirsty. I also just googled it to make sure.

Cacti are also so easy to look after, they require a bit of water once a week – a lot of people think they don’t need to water cactus plants, and while they do well with being neglected, a bit of water here and there will help them grow and look their best.

I have a watering can and a spray bottle, and I mist the leaves of my plants once or twice a week too. Succulents are similar; I love these just as much as cacti – they always look pretty dotted around the home.

As for other plants, Mother In Law’s Tongue (the big spiky dude on my mantlepiece) is a really beautiful plant to have. I got mine on eBay I think (weird, yup) but I know IKEA sometimes sell them. IKEA is a great place to pick up houseplants, there’s so much there and I always collect at least one more every time I’m there.

A lot of house plants are really great for purifying the air; NASA carried out a ‘clean air study’ and amongst the list of purifying plants was Mother In Law’s Tongue, Ivy and Peace Lily (all of which I have in abundance).

I love crisp green, leafy plants against my white walls – it makes the room seem so airy and bright. I usually position mine in corners of the room, on windowsills, sidetables, cabinets, shelving – wherever there’s a space. If I find a blank space next to furniture or somewhere in my apartment that just needs to be brightened up, in goes a big plant! Look out for cute planters (I love hanging planters! DIY here) and pots where possible – I have found so many lovely big pots in charity shops, or online at my favourite home stores.

I also recommend getting a couple of terrariums; I have a couple from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, and they’re so fun to DIY. Just add in a bit of soil, some sand and repot your plants. I have to put mine where the cats can’t get to them…

Are you a greenery fan?